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I am an experienced technology leader, with 10 years management and leadership experience. I have a successful history of working to define strategy and direction, not just within technology, but across the larger business objectives in collaboration with other C-suite members. I am experienced in managing budgets, large teams, across multiple regions globally, and ensuring success across different geographical regions through understanding the unique challenges each area faces, I work to drive business excellence, and growth while promoting a positive team member experience for all staff members valuing the importance of contributing within a team environment as an effective method of leadership.

Management experience:

  • 10 years management experience within technology

  • Management of teams from 5 people to large multi-region teams of over 100 people

  • Experienced managing budgets up to £4million

  • Practiced in the successful use of several management styles, including Servant Leader, Transactional, Pacesetting, and Democratic team leadership

  • Strong experience working within, and feeding into, C-suite level with success

  • Strong and proven history of Project and Portfolio Management, delivering projects on time and under budget, with focus on successful transition periods from ‘go live’ to BAU

  • Highly experienced in change management and service delivery, along with integrating technology into business workflows to increase staff adoption and bring about efficiencies and successful completion of business goals

I am a highly self-motivated person who constantly strives to develop both myself, and the technology provision of the business I work for. I take on responsibility and ownership across all aspects of technology to best develop and drive IT and Digital service policies, whilst maintaining my core belief that technology should work to help a business, and its employees, in their objectives, and not the other way around. 

I have a deep understanding of how technology services tie in to all aspects and areas of a business, from accounts and finance, through to HR, and to the customer facing side of a business, and believe that this understanding is a great asset when managing a company’s technology strategy.

In addition to more traditional skills required for an IT purist, I also have excellent sales, business and analytical skills, backed up by a broad commercial understanding. I’m adept at familiarising myself with a company and developing relevant and meaningful brand awareness quickly.

Download my full profile as a Word or PDF document, or find out more below.


The IT and eCommerce landscape has changed significantly in the last 10 years. New technologies have emerged, and best practice has changed. Leading the way for  established National retailers has meant I have had to ensure the business has kept pace, and been at the forefront of changes. View some of the Projects i have delivered, and the business benefit they have brought.


My real passion is immersing myself in a business, fully understanding what it aims to deliver, and then utilising the right technology to achieve this. A firm believer that IT should work for people, I prefer to analyse business processes, and streamline these with meaningful IT or eCommerce support. I'm available for general consultation, specific Project management, or permanent roles.



Just as recent years have shown the importance of trusted reviews to eCommerce platforms, and historically, personal recommendations have paved the way for business relationships, I aim to support the work I deliver with meaningful references. Full references are available on request, or you can browse those of recent employers at your leisure here.



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